BOSONIC Securities

Bosonic Securities is a technology-driven full-service firm authorized by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to operate a broker-dealer and an Alternative Trading System (ATS) for equity and debt securities, including Digital Asset Securities (i.e., securities that use blockchain technology).

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Bosonic Securities is also authorized to conduct private placements of equity and debt securities, including Digital Asset Securities that are offered and sold pursuant to Regulation A, D, and S safe harbors from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Primary Issuance

We advise issuers who want to issue and sell digital asset securities, as well as serve as placement agent to build a book and distribute the offering.

Secondary Trading

We list existing securities for trading on our ATS and operate the secondary market as well as executing transactions for buyers and sellers, especially in Web3 company equity, SAFEs, and SAFTs as well as other equity and debt instruments.


We can tokenize Real World Assets (RWA)  on public blockchains or our private permissioned blockchain network for initial placement and secondary market trading on our ATS.

Custodian and Transfer Agent Services

We work closely with custodians and transfer agents to facilitate the full lifecycle of issuance and secondary trading seamlessly.

Streamlined onboarding for institutional and individual investors.

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